Ribbon Flower

Its officially spring! What better way to complete your look than wearing flowers. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make flowers using ribbon.

What you’ll need:
ribbon ( i used 15mm wide ribbon, 9.5 inches long)
thread (preferably the same color as the ribbon)
felt circles (or any cloth)
glue gun

What to do:
1. Sew along the edge of the ribbon as seen below.

2. When you reach the end, pull tightly to gather the ribbon.

3. Sew the ends together.  Make sure its on the underside. You’ve finished the first flower.

4. To make another flower of bigger diameter, get another ribbon of the same length and do steps 1.  At step 2, don’t gather it too much so its a bit bigger than the first flower you’ve made.

Small and big flowers.

5. Glue the big flower on the felt/cloth circle.

6. Then put glue on the middle and place the smaller ribbon. Press hard to secure it in place.

7. Glue a button of your choice to complete the ribbon flower. And you’re done!

You can either use it as a hair accessory or a brooch, depending on the button you use.

The swirl bronze button below makes the ribbon flower great for brooch.

The Hello Kitty button is for little girls who loves this Sanrio character, like my daughter.  Attach it on a clip or an elastic and you’ve got yourself a Hello Kitty hair accessory!

3 thoughts on “Ribbon Flower

  1. I love these hair clips! They are so easy to make and w/ 2 little girls, they make doing hair so silpme! I was @ Target yesterday and found some cute ribbons in the $ bins. there were 6 different patterns in a spool and each patter made 2 hair clips for a total of 12 clips per $1/spool! I bought 3 different styles of ribbons for $3, plus I bought the 100 clips at Sally’s for $5 and made 36 hair clips for my girls!! I have not added jewels, flowers, or other accents yet, but those you can get for cheap at Michael’s, joanne’s or even wal-mart! Thanks for the frugal tip! We are starting to get quite a collection of hair clips in our bathroom! =)

    • i’m glad you found it useful! if you have too much hairclips, you can always save some as gifts to your friends’ daughters. 🙂

      • I’m making a bunch of these right now for my two litlte princesses and I thought I’d share a tip. When working with a glue gun I use masking tape to secure a piece of parchment paper to my work surface so that I don’t have to scrape and peel the litlte dribbles off our dining room table (aka: my craft room!). Works for me!Thanks for this great craft idea!

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