Bead Chain Bracelet

I needed some bright accessories to wear to match the sunny days ahead and remembered the colorful beads I bought during a rare day-out with my mother-in-law few days before Christmas last year. It was time to get my hands busy and make myself a bracelet!

What you’ll need:

colorful beads/stones
jump ring
metal chain

What to do:

1. Measure the length of the metal chain to fit your wrist.

2. Place the clasp at one end of the chain.

3. Place the jump ring at the other end of the chain.

4. Thread the bead through the headpin.

5. Insert headpin + bead  in the chain and fold headpin to close.

6. Repeat step 5, alternating the different colors/designs of beads until you’ve got enough hanging from the chain.

There you go!  Easy-peasy, right?