DIY Felt Flower 1

I ordered 50 sheets of felt one sleepless night, each in different colors and for the past weeks, I’ve been sitting in felt heaven. Oh I love using felt in crafting and it has been a good material for creating embellishments! From flowers, to cake banners, making kids’ toys, tee-shirt appliques, etc. etc. For now, let’s tackle how to make felt flowers, one of the many variations you can do.

What you’ll need:

glue gun
thread & needle
pair of scissors

What to do:

1. Cut felt into 6 same sizes of flower pieces and 1 smaller one. You can get the flower template here:

2. Fold the each flower into a quarter and sew into another piece which will serve as the base.

3. Continue attaching the remaining 3 pieces to cover the base by sewing (or you can also use hot glue).

4. Take the last of the same sized flower, put glue in the middle and fold it into half. Then put glue again and fold to make it into a quarter. Dab glue and put in the center top.

5. Get the last small flower and repeat step 4.

And your pretty flower is ready for use!

Or you can make 2 more:

Or get really crazy and make many!

I’m not done with this felt flower-mania yet and I’m experimenting on two-tones.

DIY Felt Lollipop

I am working on a project for my little girl’s birthday and I wanted to adorn it with all the things she love.  She loves sweets!  Candies, cupcakes, lollipops, chocolates, ice cream, you name it!  The first thing that popped in my mind was lollipop coz we bought packs of it earlier that day.  So yezzz! Lollipop it is!  A felt lollipop tutorial is coming your way.

What you’ll need:

2 pieces –  felt of different colors
needle & thread
glue gun

What to do:

1. Cut the felt into 1/4 inches wide x 17 inches long strips.

2. Sew together the felt strips using running stitch.

3. Roll the felt to form into a circle; dabbing glue as you roll along.

4. Attach the stick at one side of the circle with a glue gun; like so:

5. Glue the felt circle to hide the top part of the stick.

6. Flip to the front side and attach the bow where the circle and stick meet and that’s it!

Offer to your kids this sugar-free lollipop to play with!

I made one for each of my kids and they just wanted more!  They sure are keeping their mama busy!


Hair Clip Display Board

If you don’t know how to organize your ever-growing number of hair clips, then let me come to the rescue.  Let’s make an easy DIY hair clip display board! I made one for a bazaar back in May to display my hair clips which came out pretty nice.  

What you’ll need:

cork board (I got mine from Ikea)
fabric (from Ikea too)
thumb tacks
1 inch ribbon (printed or plain)
pair of scissors

Ooops! The ribbon isn’t in the picture!

What to do:

1. Measure the size of the cork board and add about 1.5 inches all around. That will be the size of your fabric.
2. Cut fabric (measurement refer to #1).
3. Put the fabric over the cork board, fold the fabric to the back (double fold the edges to avoid fraying) and secure with thumb tacks every 3 inches or so.
Here’s how it looked at the back:

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