Hair Clip Display Board

If you don’t know how to organize your ever-growing number of hair clips, then let me come to the rescue.  Let’s make an easy DIY hair clip display board! I made one for a bazaar back in May to display my hair clips which came out pretty nice.  

What you’ll need:

cork board (I got mine from Ikea)
fabric (from Ikea too)
thumb tacks
1 inch ribbon (printed or plain)
pair of scissors

Ooops! The ribbon isn’t in the picture!

What to do:

1. Measure the size of the cork board and add about 1.5 inches all around. That will be the size of your fabric.
2. Cut fabric (measurement refer to #1).
3. Put the fabric over the cork board, fold the fabric to the back (double fold the edges to avoid fraying) and secure with thumb tacks every 3 inches or so.
Here’s how it looked at the back:

But the front is a beauty:

At this point, you can use it as a wall decor or a memo board (remember, it’s originally a cork board!)

The ribbons will be placed vertically along the narrow side of the cork board.  Mine measures 15.5 inches.  So I cut my ribbons to 17 inches.

4. Cut 5 ribbon lengths, heat seal the ends to prevent from fraying and place on top of the board.  Secure it with a glue gun at the back of the board or pin with thumb tacks.

What’s next?

Clap your hands and marvel at your pretty creation!

Display ’em your hair clips!

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