DIY Felt Flower 1

I ordered 50 sheets of felt one sleepless night, each in different colors and for the past weeks, I’ve been sitting in felt heaven. Oh I love using felt in crafting and it has been a good material for creating embellishments! From flowers, to cake banners, making kids’ toys, tee-shirt appliques, etc. etc. For now, let’s tackle how to make felt flowers, one of the many variations you can do.

What you’ll need:

glue gun
thread & needle
pair of scissors

What to do:

1. Cut felt into 6 same sizes of flower pieces and 1 smaller one. You can get the flower template here:

2. Fold the each flower into a quarter and sew into another piece which will serve as the base.

3. Continue attaching the remaining 3 pieces to cover the base by sewing (or you can also use hot glue).

4. Take the last of the same sized flower, put glue in the middle and fold it into half. Then put glue again and fold to make it into a quarter. Dab glue and put in the center top.

5. Get the last small flower and repeat step 4.

And your pretty flower is ready for use!

Or you can make 2 more:

Or get really crazy and make many!

I’m not done with this felt flower-mania yet and I’m experimenting on two-tones.

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