Crepe Paper Carrots

Easter fever is in the house! My daughter has been asking me if she can paint eggs and she and her lil’ bro have taken out their Easter baskets and filled it with chocolate eggs which they recently grabbed while we went grocery shopping. They’ve also been playing with the bunnies they bought from Ikea last weekend. So I thought this project from Martha Stewart (which I tweaked a little with the use of paper) would be perfect for the Easter and the kids’ craft/play time!

Here’s a quick and easy craft, crepe paper carrots for you all!

What you’ll need:
crumpled paper

green crepe paper, cut like so:

orange crepe paper, cut about 2 inches wide.


What to do:

1. Wrap the green crepe paper on top of the crumpled paper.

2. Cover the rest of the paper with orange crepe paper, secure in place with glue.

3. And you’ve got a carrot! Looks crunchy!

Then let the bunnies have a carrot party!

It can be used as Easter decor, filled with small treats or simply let the kids play with it!

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