Paper birds

Tweet, tweet! Don’t you love the sound of the birds welcoming Spring?

Well, here’s a belated post for Spring! Let’s make some paper birds!

What you’ll need:

used papers
colorful magazine pages
pair of scissors
googly eyes or black marker pen for the eyes
masking tape

What to do:

1. Crumple the papers to form into a shape of a bird.
2. Use masking tape to make forming easy.
3. Take sheets of the magazines and tear them lengthwise. These will be used as feathers.
4. Place glue and stick the torn magazines all over the body, add googly eyes on the head, or use the black marker pen to draw eyes. Cut a triangle shape from the magazines for the bird’s beak and glue it on (as shown in the final picture below).

Your buddy is ready to hop and chirp in your garden!

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