Bead Chain Bracelet

I needed some bright accessories to wear to match the sunny days ahead and remembered the colorful beads I bought during a rare day-out with my mother-in-law few days before Christmas last year. It was time to get my hands busy and make myself a bracelet!

What you’ll need:

colorful beads/stones
jump ring
metal chain

What to do:

1. Measure the length of the metal chain to fit your wrist.

2. Place the clasp at one end of the chain.

3. Place the jump ring at the other end of the chain.

4. Thread the bead through the headpin.

5. Insert headpin + bead  in the chain and fold headpin to close.

6. Repeat step 5, alternating the different colors/designs of beads until you’ve got enough hanging from the chain.

There you go!  Easy-peasy, right?

Easter Chick Egg

We have a lot of Kinder Surprise eggs lying around the house. I’m not a big fan of these as I consider it a waste of money (the small toys easily gets broken, the chocolate shell uneaten, and the yellow plastic eggs are just additional fillers for dump), but the kids love it and the husband indulge them once in awhile. I’ve thrown many of these eggs before then later I realized the kids can actually use it for playing.

Anyway, here’s an Easter craft that I’ve come up using Kinder Surprise eggs. At least, I’ve made them useful for this project which I call Easter Chick(en) Egg. (:

What you’ll need:
Kinder Surprise eggs
wooden skewers
googly eyes

What to do:
1. Drill a hole into the bottom of the egg.  Poke the skewer into the hole, about 1/2 inch inside.

2. Glue the googly eyes in the upper half of the egg.

3. Cut a small triangle out of paper/cloth, in my case I used a ribbon (the only orange thing I have), glue on the lower half of egg.

4. Cut 2 – 1.5 inches of yarn for the chick’s comb.  Fold into two.

5. Glue the two pieces of folded yarn into the top of the egg.

6. Cover the skewer with yarn.

7.  Make a small bow (I used 5 inch-length ribbon, pinched in the middle & secure it with yarn).  Glue it below the egg, right where the skewer is poked inside.

You’re done!  Say hello to Mrs. Hen!

What’s nice about this chicken is that you can open it and fill it inside with sweet treats for the little ones.

M&Ms, jelly beans, egg candies…. yummy!

You can use it as an Easter decor or place them around the garden with the treats inside and let the kids go hunt for them!

Ribbon Flower

Its officially spring! What better way to complete your look than wearing flowers. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make flowers using ribbon.

What you’ll need:
ribbon ( i used 15mm wide ribbon, 9.5 inches long)
thread (preferably the same color as the ribbon)
felt circles (or any cloth)
glue gun

What to do:
1. Sew along the edge of the ribbon as seen below.

2. When you reach the end, pull tightly to gather the ribbon.

3. Sew the ends together.  Make sure its on the underside. You’ve finished the first flower.

4. To make another flower of bigger diameter, get another ribbon of the same length and do steps 1.  At step 2, don’t gather it too much so its a bit bigger than the first flower you’ve made.

Small and big flowers.

5. Glue the big flower on the felt/cloth circle.

6. Then put glue on the middle and place the smaller ribbon. Press hard to secure it in place.

7. Glue a button of your choice to complete the ribbon flower. And you’re done!

You can either use it as a hair accessory or a brooch, depending on the button you use.

The swirl bronze button below makes the ribbon flower great for brooch.

The Hello Kitty button is for little girls who loves this Sanrio character, like my daughter.  Attach it on a clip or an elastic and you’ve got yourself a Hello Kitty hair accessory!

Flower Bows

I’m currently in love with bows! In fact, I’m so liking this craft that I immediately bought materials to start working on it. With few pieces of ribbons, embellishments and glue gun, I’ve got myself cute and pretty bows to adorn my daughter’s hair.

Let’s welcome Spring with flowers in our hair!

My little girl specifically asked me to make her a flower bow. The first one I made her was Hello Kitty bow (her request too).

I want to post how I did this, but me thinks a video would be better. Unfortunately, I don’t have video making/editing skills. *sad face*

Potato Stamp

Kids love to stamp figures and shapes on papers.  It’s a good way for them to learn their triangles, squares, stars and other shapes while they’re having fun.  You can even make them alphabets and numbers, tough they’re quite tricky to carve with a knife.  An easy way to make shape stamps is using potatoes.

What you’ll need:

carving knife or any ordinary knife
cookie cutter
water color

What to do:

1. Cut a potato in half.
2. Push the cookie cutter deep into the cut surface (about 1/4 to 1/2 of a centimeter thick).

3. Carve with a knife leaving the shape raised.
4. Once you’re finished carving, pull out the cookie cutter and viola! you got yourself a stamp!

Then you can dip your potato stamp into the water color or brush the water color on it and stamp on paper.

Another way to do it:
Use the pen to draw any shape you want on the cut surface of the potato.  Then do steps 3 and 4.

Kid-tested and kid-approved!

Go check your pantry for any potatoes and carve away!