Washi Tape Easter Eggs

We haven’t yet decorated eggs for Easter. We might do it before the weekend as my daughter is off from school Thursday and Friday.  She is very excited to paint and decorate eggs. Yesterday she bought some colored powder and stickers for the eggs but it had to wait!  Anyway, here’s a very easy way to jazz up your eggs which doesn’t require water, coloring, cooking, and all that.  If you’ve got a washi tape, hurray!

What you’ll need:

washi tape


pair of scissors

*I used plastic eggs just for visual purposes. 

What to do:

You can actually do anything you like, in whatever way you want to cut your washi.  I made X, triangles & square shapes.  I also placed the washi around the egg. Get creative!  Do it your own way!

When you’re done cutting your different shapes, stick it to the eggs and you’ve got a decorated Easter eggs!

Easy eh?

Bunny Piñata

We order home delivery pizza quite often (at least twice in a month!) especially when I’m lazy or got no time to cook.  I can’t bring myself to throw away the pizza boxes without using or abusing them first. Since Easter was just around the corner, I thought I’d make a bunny piñata out of it for our Easter celebration with the kids.

What you’ll need:
pizza box (or any box would do)
crepe papers
black colored paper
pink colored paper
white colored paper
glue scissors

What to do:
1. Draw a bunny on the pizza box.  There are many templates in the internet which you can print out. I don’t have a printer so I just eyeballed the template I chose and draw it freehand.

2. Cut the bunny shape (make 2 for two sides).

3. Cut a few 1 inch width strips of the box for the sides of the bunny.

4. Put together the two sides of the bunny shape using a tape with the 1 inch strip in the middle. Don’t forget to leave a small hole on top where you can drop your treats/piñata fillers inside.

My daughter couldn’t resist giving the bare piece of box a face! 🙂

5. Cut about about 1 inch strips of crepe paper and make a fringe.

6. Cover the the bunny with the crepe fringe, from the bottom going up. Don’t include the ears!
7. For the ears, glue the same color of crepe fringe all around (2 times), choose a different crepe paper color (hot pink for me) for the middle part (also 2 times).
8. For the inner ear, I cut out a pink colored paper and glued it in place.
9. The last part is the face. Using a template or simply eyeball it, cut out the eyes, whiskers, nose, etc. and glue it on the proper place.
10. Tie a string or yarn, and hang it for the kids to hit! (Yay!)

Have you seen a yellow bunny yet? Now you do!

The yellow crepe paper was the only available color I have that’s enough to cover our bunny. (:

Crepe Paper Carrots

Easter fever is in the house! My daughter has been asking me if she can paint eggs and she and her lil’ bro have taken out their Easter baskets and filled it with chocolate eggs which they recently grabbed while we went grocery shopping. They’ve also been playing with the bunnies they bought from Ikea last weekend. So I thought this project from Martha Stewart (which I tweaked a little with the use of paper) would be perfect for the Easter and the kids’ craft/play time!

Here’s a quick and easy craft, crepe paper carrots for you all!

What you’ll need:
crumpled paper

green crepe paper, cut like so:

orange crepe paper, cut about 2 inches wide.


What to do:

1. Wrap the green crepe paper on top of the crumpled paper.

2. Cover the rest of the paper with orange crepe paper, secure in place with glue.

3. And you’ve got a carrot! Looks crunchy!

Then let the bunnies have a carrot party!

It can be used as Easter decor, filled with small treats or simply let the kids play with it!

Easter Chick Egg

We have a lot of Kinder Surprise eggs lying around the house. I’m not a big fan of these as I consider it a waste of money (the small toys easily gets broken, the chocolate shell uneaten, and the yellow plastic eggs are just additional fillers for dump), but the kids love it and the husband indulge them once in awhile. I’ve thrown many of these eggs before then later I realized the kids can actually use it for playing.

Anyway, here’s an Easter craft that I’ve come up using Kinder Surprise eggs. At least, I’ve made them useful for this project which I call Easter Chick(en) Egg. (:

What you’ll need:
Kinder Surprise eggs
wooden skewers
googly eyes

What to do:
1. Drill a hole into the bottom of the egg.  Poke the skewer into the hole, about 1/2 inch inside.

2. Glue the googly eyes in the upper half of the egg.

3. Cut a small triangle out of paper/cloth, in my case I used a ribbon (the only orange thing I have), glue on the lower half of egg.

4. Cut 2 – 1.5 inches of yarn for the chick’s comb.  Fold into two.

5. Glue the two pieces of folded yarn into the top of the egg.

6. Cover the skewer with yarn.

7.  Make a small bow (I used 5 inch-length ribbon, pinched in the middle & secure it with yarn).  Glue it below the egg, right where the skewer is poked inside.

You’re done!  Say hello to Mrs. Hen!

What’s nice about this chicken is that you can open it and fill it inside with sweet treats for the little ones.

M&Ms, jelly beans, egg candies…. yummy!

You can use it as an Easter decor or place them around the garden with the treats inside and let the kids go hunt for them!