Paper Gems

I won’t take credit for this one. I only followed the instructions from Mini Eco which you can find here.

What you’ll need:
A4 paper
A pair of scissors

I thought it would be easy to make but it was a challenge to glue the flaps together!  Lots of cutting and patience are needed in this project but very rewarding.  My kids really liked them, and instead of my initial plan to hang these gems as a decor, they ended up as toys for my kids.  They played pirates and hunted the gems. (:

This other one was used a pendant by my daughter. Cool, eh?


Paper birds

Tweet, tweet! Don’t you love the sound of the birds welcoming Spring?

Well, here’s a belated post for Spring! Let’s make some paper birds!

What you’ll need:

used papers
colorful magazine pages
pair of scissors
googly eyes or black marker pen for the eyes
masking tape

What to do:

1. Crumple the papers to form into a shape of a bird.
2. Use masking tape to make forming easy.
3. Take sheets of the magazines and tear them lengthwise. These will be used as feathers.
4. Place glue and stick the torn magazines all over the body, add googly eyes on the head, or use the black marker pen to draw eyes. Cut a triangle shape from the magazines for the bird’s beak and glue it on (as shown in the final picture below).

Your buddy is ready to hop and chirp in your garden!

DIY Felt Flower 1

I ordered 50 sheets of felt one sleepless night, each in different colors and for the past weeks, I’ve been sitting in felt heaven. Oh I love using felt in crafting and it has been a good material for creating embellishments! From flowers, to cake banners, making kids’ toys, tee-shirt appliques, etc. etc. For now, let’s tackle how to make felt flowers, one of the many variations you can do.

What you’ll need:

glue gun
thread & needle
pair of scissors

What to do:

1. Cut felt into 6 same sizes of flower pieces and 1 smaller one. You can get the flower template here:

2. Fold the each flower into a quarter and sew into another piece which will serve as the base.

3. Continue attaching the remaining 3 pieces to cover the base by sewing (or you can also use hot glue).

4. Take the last of the same sized flower, put glue in the middle and fold it into half. Then put glue again and fold to make it into a quarter. Dab glue and put in the center top.

5. Get the last small flower and repeat step 4.

And your pretty flower is ready for use!

Or you can make 2 more:

Or get really crazy and make many!

I’m not done with this felt flower-mania yet and I’m experimenting on two-tones.

DIY Felt Lollipop

I am working on a project for my little girl’s birthday and I wanted to adorn it with all the things she love.  She loves sweets!  Candies, cupcakes, lollipops, chocolates, ice cream, you name it!  The first thing that popped in my mind was lollipop coz we bought packs of it earlier that day.  So yezzz! Lollipop it is!  A felt lollipop tutorial is coming your way.

What you’ll need:

2 pieces –  felt of different colors
needle & thread
glue gun

What to do:

1. Cut the felt into 1/4 inches wide x 17 inches long strips.

2. Sew together the felt strips using running stitch.

3. Roll the felt to form into a circle; dabbing glue as you roll along.

4. Attach the stick at one side of the circle with a glue gun; like so:

5. Glue the felt circle to hide the top part of the stick.

6. Flip to the front side and attach the bow where the circle and stick meet and that’s it!

Offer to your kids this sugar-free lollipop to play with!

I made one for each of my kids and they just wanted more!  They sure are keeping their mama busy!


Flower Bows

I’m currently in love with bows! In fact, I’m so liking this craft that I immediately bought materials to start working on it. With few pieces of ribbons, embellishments and glue gun, I’ve got myself cute and pretty bows to adorn my daughter’s hair.

Let’s welcome Spring with flowers in our hair!

My little girl specifically asked me to make her a flower bow. The first one I made her was Hello Kitty bow (her request too).

I want to post how I did this, but me thinks a video would be better. Unfortunately, I don’t have video making/editing skills. *sad face*

Potato Stamp

Kids love to stamp figures and shapes on papers.  It’s a good way for them to learn their triangles, squares, stars and other shapes while they’re having fun.  You can even make them alphabets and numbers, tough they’re quite tricky to carve with a knife.  An easy way to make shape stamps is using potatoes.

What you’ll need:

carving knife or any ordinary knife
cookie cutter
water color

What to do:

1. Cut a potato in half.
2. Push the cookie cutter deep into the cut surface (about 1/4 to 1/2 of a centimeter thick).

3. Carve with a knife leaving the shape raised.
4. Once you’re finished carving, pull out the cookie cutter and viola! you got yourself a stamp!

Then you can dip your potato stamp into the water color or brush the water color on it and stamp on paper.

Another way to do it:
Use the pen to draw any shape you want on the cut surface of the potato.  Then do steps 3 and 4.

Kid-tested and kid-approved!

Go check your pantry for any potatoes and carve away!