Washi Tape Easter Eggs

We haven’t yet decorated eggs for Easter. We might do it before the weekend as my daughter is off from school Thursday and Friday.  She is very excited to paint and decorate eggs. Yesterday she bought some colored powder and stickers for the eggs but it had to wait!  Anyway, here’s a very easy way to jazz up your eggs which doesn’t require water, coloring, cooking, and all that.  If you’ve got a washi tape, hurray!

What you’ll need:

washi tape


pair of scissors

*I used plastic eggs just for visual purposes. 

What to do:

You can actually do anything you like, in whatever way you want to cut your washi.  I made X, triangles & square shapes.  I also placed the washi around the egg. Get creative!  Do it your own way!

When you’re done cutting your different shapes, stick it to the eggs and you’ve got a decorated Easter eggs!

Easy eh?